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Central Florida's Regional Lacrosse Team

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About Us


Our Mission

  • Provide a local opportunity so that a regional club can practice and train without great travel.
  • Provide players and coaches the opportunity to benefit from playing with and working a diversity of players and coaches after several months of being in a closed environment.
  • Enhance the ability to field competitive teams and provide experienced coaches for the summer due to have larger number of players and coaches to draw from.
  • Ensure that all competitive levels can be filled with adequate numbers during the summer.
  • Motivate our players by getting them out of their comfort zone with a diversity of players and coaches.
  • Create the ability to form elite level teams for various competitions of merit throughout the year.
  • Unify Central Florida so that affordable and positive opportunities for lacrosse families exist in our region.
  • Provide a resource for Central Florida players as it relates to the college recruiting process and actions.
  • Teach universal fundamentals that all lacrosse players should master regardless of playing level.
  • Build relationships that extend personal networks outside of the game of lacrosse for players, coaches, and families.

We Believe and Support

  • The Central Florida region deserves a highly organized, professional, and ethical based regional travel team and training option that complements and enhances the efforts of local schools and clubs.
  • That structured preparation prior to tournament play is a priority as is designed and implemented by proven professionals in the field of lacrosse instruction and team coaching
  • That parents and players must receive realistic and honest appraisals of talent and unbiased guidance in regards to lacrosse development and college opportunities
  • That the value of a regional travel team should place player development as a priority versus fielding large squads and a large number of teams.
  • That club lacrosse is a tool for improving your playing level regardless of whether they play college lacrosse or not.
  • That lacrosse is a invaluable networking tool for high school players that should benefit them regardless of whether they play college lacrosse or not.

Our Advantages

  • Highly experienced directors and coaches who represent all of Central Florida
  • A vast network obtained through decades of experience that allow LCO coaches and directors to interact with every level and position within the lacrosse world
  • A concise plan of operation that allows players to pursue other opportunities outside of our one month window both in and outside of lacrosse.
  • We make sure that teams practice and our prepared for each tournament through the use of a universal teaching system.
  • Managed by proven professionals who view lacrosse as an educational tool.